Coursepack by Eventful – Privacy policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the Office 365 Teams application Coursepack by Eventful, hereinafter referred to as Coursepack.

What information does Coursepack handle and how is this information used?

Coursepack retrieves information from Microsoft Graph, including information about which teams the user is a member of and its content, to allow the user to build course packages. Coursepack need access to the user’s OneDrive to save course packages.

A global administrator for the tenant grants the following rights to Coursepack:

  • Read user profile data
  • Read the user’s group affiliation
  • Read and write the files the user has access to
  • Read and write tasks

What information does Coursepack store?

Coursepack stores the data of the user created coursepack on the user’s personal OneDrive. No other user data or information is stored by Coursepack.

How does Coursepack handle location data?

Coursepack do not use or collect data related to your geographical location.

How is Personal Information Handled in Coursepack?

No, Coursepack do not maintain user data.

Does Coursepack share personal information?

No, since no personal information is maintained by Coursepack, we do not share personal information with anyone.

Does advertising company collect data from Coursepack?

No, Coursepack does not share data with advertising companies.

Does Eventful use subcontractors or analytics companies with regards to Coursepack?

Eventful collects statistics showing how much Coursepack is used with the help of Microsoft ApplicationInsights. Coursepack do not share data with subcontractors or analysis companies.

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