Eventful OneRoster

Eventful creates your Teams for Education through School Data Sync and Microsoft's modern web services

Eventful connects data from your school information system to School Data Sync by a standard called OneRoster. The service can either be hosted in your own Azure or in Eventful's shared environment. 


  • Fast updates 
  • Stable connection to Teams 
  • Better error reports 
  • International standard 
  • Possible to export data to other services

School information systems supported

  • Procapita
  • Tieto Education
  • Extens
  • IST Administration
  • SchoolSoft
  • Unikum
  • Adela
  • Alvis
  • School location

Faster and more stable with Eventful OneRoster 

OneRoster is an international standard for transferring data between learning systems. The standard is based on web services for transferring data. Instead of sending a complete file to SDS, Microsoft will request changes from Eventful OneRoster. 


Microsoft has preliminary said that changes are being read every fifteen minutes. For you as a customer, this means that changes in school information system can be synchronized more often. 


How do I get started with Eventful OneRoster? 

For existing customers: 

For additional instructions for setting up SDS by Eventful:

You can also contact Eventful support: 

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